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Painting With Behr

Painting With Behr

If you know much about painting and various paints on the market, then you have probably heard the name Behr before now. The Behr Paint Company has been in existence since 1947. It was developed by Otho Behr, Jr. Otho worked with his father, Otho Behr Sr., who was a chemist by trade, to create a redwood stain that would appeal to people and would be saleable, too. Although Otho Behr Jr. originally sold his products from the back of his car, he eventually built an operations center in California. Today, the headquarters for the Behr Paint Company is located in Santa Ana, California.

Behr’s success was steady for many years and thrived when the chain store known as The Home Depot picked up the line in 1978. Behr paint became a household name and was known for manufacturing interior house paint, exterior house paint, primer, stain, surface preparation products, decorative finishes, and more.

Eventually, Behr evolved into a company that offered a computer color matching program for customers. Through this program, a customer could bring a color sample to The Home Depot, and the color would be scanned into the computer. A formula for a perfectly matched paint would be created, and the customer could purchase the exact paint color of their choice. This development occurred in 1988 and proved to be quite prosperous for the Behr Paint Company.

Behr paints are currently sold exclusively at The Home Depot stores. There is a wide array of beautiful colors from which to choose, as well as a wide array of finishes, textures, sheens, and qualities. If you were to visit a store, you would find many available colors and swatches available for Behr paint on the display wall. You can also find many ideas and designs online, too. The choices are boundless, and the paint ideas are, too.

Behr was purchased by the Masco Corporation in 1999. It appears that with the rich history that Behr paint has had and with a positive outlook for the future, Behr paints are here to stay. If you are thinking about your next painting project, then you might want to search for the paint colors available from Behr. You will likely be delighted by the vast paint color options on the market.


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