The Power of Pink

The Power of Pink

The Power of Pink

Pink is a beautiful color that can be seen in many shades and in a wide array of settings, too. From a wispy, airy, light pink to a bold, warm salmon-colored pink, you will find the choices are immense for this attractive and distinguishable color. If you are getting ready to use pink for a paint color within your home or business, then you have probably done some research on the different options that are available on the paint market. Well, we have a few ideas for you, too. Below, you will find a list of three pink paint colors that may tempt you when you are making your final decisions. Perhaps one of these favorite shades of pink is the color that you will use for your next painting purpose.

Faint Coral by Sherwin-Williams: Faint Coral (SW6329) is a soft, blush pink that adds a wisp of color to almost any space. It would be a spectacular choice for a nursery, a child’s bedroom, a dining room, or a home office. It would also work well in a boutique, a salon, or in other business settings, too. Faint Coral adds just the right amount of color and warmth to a room, and it is a color choice that blends easily with many decorative schemes.

Sultan Sand by Glidden: Sultan Sand (PPG1068-3) is described as a soft, peachy beige paint color. This option is a little bit bolder than the previous option of Faint Coral. This paint color offers a tropical feeling to a room and can be mixed with a variety of home and business décor options. Sultan Sand is a warm, soothing color. It appears to be a light salmon color choice and maybe just the one for your project.

Jovial by Sherwin-Williams: The word “jovial” means cheerful and friendly, and that is the feeling that this shade of paint, by the same name, exuberates in a room. Jovial is an unmistakable bold and warm shade of pink. It will make a front door pop with color, and will also highlight the space in a bedroom, bathroom, den, and many other rooms within a home or office, too. If darker pink is something that you are looking for, then Jovial may be a color choice for you.

Pink is one of those colors that can be used in many different ways and many different rooms. With such a wide variety of pink paint shades available, you should have no problem finding the perfect shade for your next painting purpose.

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