Winter Whites

Winter Whites

Winter Whites

Winter white is a particular shade of white that is not classified as a stark-white. Instead, winter white is an off-white color that exhibits hues of ivory, subtle blue, or pale gray. Winter white can blend nicely with a wide array of other colors and home decorations. Colors such as pink, purple, red, blue, green, and black stand out nicely against a winter white background. Home decorations, such as Knick knacks, throw pillows, rugs, furniture, and other items, can also complement the winter white background. 

Paint shades that are winter white are usually characterized as “slightly cool” colors and will typically make a room appear larger in size. Winter white is a light shade of paint that brightens up a room and offers an atmosphere of cleanliness, airiness, and openness.

The Benjamin Moore paint color of Winter White is a crisp, clean color that has undertones of gray in the paint mix. There are no undertones of ivory in this Benjamin Moore option; therefore, it is a cool, light shade of paint. Many people who are interested in a modern, sleek appearance for their home may pick this paint option, as it is a choice that is cool, sophisticated, and will remain classic for many years to come. 

PPG also offers a winter white paint shade called Winter Walk White. This unique option has undertones of purple, which exuberates the color of a pale amethyst stone. If you are looking for a winter white shade that offers a bit of mystery and subtle color, then Winter Walk White may be the perfect option for you. 

The cooler seasons of the year are a nice time to walk around your home and think about the decorating projects that you want to tackle for your home. Perhaps you just want to update a room that was painted many years before, or maybe you want to create a whole new look for a particular room in your home. Whatever your purpose is for your next painting project, you may think about using a winter white shade for the project. There are many winter white options available, and the pale colors can give you a little bit more variety than just plain stark-white paint colors.

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