what color should you use to make a small room appear bigger

What Color Should You Use to Make a Small Room Appear Bigger?

The use of color is very important in our perception of space. While there is no single color that will always make a small room larger, there are some general techniques that work. Lighter colors reflect light and make rooms seem larger. Darker colors absorb light, and make a room seem smaller. Colors work in combinations, and the colors of a room interact with furniture, art, and other aspects of design.

Natural Light

Let’s start with natural light. If you have a small room with windows, the natural light will make things easier. Choose a light, reflective color for the walls. Use window fittings that maximize the natural light. Your curtains should coordinate with the room color.

Shades of White

White is a common response to a small space, but it’s not always the answer. There are many different shades of white that can be used. Light greys do the same thing that shades of white do, such as a dove grey. A monochromatic color scheme often works well, in which walls, ceiling and trim are different shades of the same basic color.

Lighter Shades of Yellow

Yellow can work as well as white, but in lighter shades. A yellow that is too intense won’t work so well. In some spaces, a light blue or green will work. The eye sees these as receding colors and the walls seem further back. Decorators sometimes combine these with white on the trims and moldings. Shades of white will help a room with little natural light, but other colors may be better for rooms with windows.


Mirrors can produce a sense of space. Furniture on legs allows light under them, helping to create a sense of space. Get rid of clutter that makes a room seem crowded. Consider table or floor lamps rather than relying on overhead lighting.

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