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What Tools Are There to Help You Choose The Perfect Color Palette?

Choosing interior wall paint can be an intimidating task, especially because the small paint sample square is hard to imagine on a large canvass under certain light. Paint makers have tried to make the task easier for you through online and physical tools! This means that you don’t necessarily have to buy a sample of the paint and attempt to paint only one small area of the wall to try and get an idea of what the entire palate will translate to. These tools may not translate 100 percent to your wall from the computer, but they can definitely help narrow down the choice through a decent idea.

The following online programs allow you to upload a photo of your room and fill in paint to get an idea of how it may look once covering a large area –

  • BEHR Paint Colors: this program is one of the more difficult versions to use as the paint looks chunky and smudged. This website does consist of a great palette tool to help match accent and trim colors though.
  • Benjamin Moore Personal Color Viewer: this program is much more detail oriented with surface highlight options, a magic wand that selects areas of similar color, a brush that can be turned into various shapes and an eraser for mistakes. The colors in this online program are also very true to the physical swatch. This website doesn’t have a color matching palette tool.
  • Dunn-Edwards InstaColor: this program is a little more difficult as it doesn’t allow you to define spaces as well, the swatches don’t match up as well as the colors, and there is no zoom button.
  • Dutch Boy/Pratt and Lambert Color Visualizer: this program gives you a lot of control over surface area that you ware wanting to paint helping avoid painting over couches, etc.. This program allows you to brighten and darken the walls as well, which gives you a realistic idea of the paint color under different lights.
  • Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer: this program is very much like the DutchBoy/Prat visualizer in the way of detail. It also has a great zoom feature, and it generates coordinating hues of color for you.
  • Valspar Visual Painter: this program doesn’t have as much attention to detail. Although it has various brushes to fill in color and the ability to choose paint based on a retailer, it doesn’t zoom to help with the tighter spots. There also isn’t a boundary tool, making lines unrealistic and smudgy.

These tools are a great starting point to help visualize your perfect color palette before even touching your walls! Contact Noel Painting for assistance in choosing the right color for your interior house.

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