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Fixing A Poorly Painted Ceiling

Fixing a Poorly Painted Ceiling

Properly painting your ceiling can be more difficult than painting your walls. Uneven colors, peeling, bubbling, and sloppy edges are common mistakes that are made when painting ceilings. If you need help fixing any of these issues, consider following these tips in order to avoid having to repaint your entire ceiling.

Uneven Colors

Differing colors are often the result of having to use two different cans of paint to complete the paint job. While the colors may be the same, every can is different, and the slightest difference can be very noticeable. To fix this issue, you have a few options.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, you should pour all of your paint cans into a bucket and mix them together. This will ensure that you don’t experience uneven colors when you have to crack open a new can of paint.

If you need to fix an uneven paint job, this can generally be achieved by adding another very thin layer of paint to your ceiling with a new can of paint. This is going to create the smoothest end result possible.

Peeling and Bubbling

Bubbling and peeling are often caused by painting over an oil-based paint with a latex paint. To fix this, you need to begin by sanding all areas that are visibly peeling or bubbling, then wipe down the area with a cloth. Next, you need to apply a primer to create a barrier between the oil-based paint and the latex paint, then apply a new layer of paint to your ceiling.

Uneven Edges

Creating even edges can be very difficult when painting ceilings. While painter’s tape can help, even edges are still difficult to achieve.

The easiest way to clean up sloppy edges is to apply tape in a straight line exactly where you want the edge to be. Next, find a paint which matches the edge of the well that your paint bled into, and use a detail brush to touch up the edges.

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