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Paint Ideas for the Staircase

Paint Ideas for the Staircase

Have you ever walked into a home and been amazed at the beautiful appeal of a painted wooden staircase that adds charm and creativity to the interior environment? If so, then you may be interested in bringing the same charm to your own home. Some people believe that the staircase should be accented to highlight the beautiful features of the stairs and the railing, similar to that of an accent wall. When you are choosing the paint to use for a stairwell, it is important to use paint that is meant for floors so it will hold up from excessive wear and tear. People will be using the stairs on a regular basis, and you will want your stairs to look appealing for many years in the future.

If you are interested in a crisp, clean appearance, then you may want to paint the stairs a pure white color. White paint is a wonderful choice that matches any home décor. It provides a classic appearance, and it is typically easy to clean and maintain with just a little bit of effort. White works well for the steps and the railing, too. If the entire surface is painted white, then it provides a uniform look that is attractive in many homes.

You may also decide to paint a two-tone look for your staircase. Perhaps paint the alternating stairs different colors, or paint the perpendicular levels of the steps various colors. You could even paint the stairs one color and paint the handrail another color. Any design you choose for a two-tone color along the staircase will add charm and character to the area.

As a homeowner, you can decide on almost any color for the staircase in your home. Some popular options include; light or dark blue, emerald green, gray, and black. Each color offers a particular style and should blend nicely with the décor you have in your home. Whether you are interested in a classical look or a whimsical look, then painting the staircase a fascinating color can certainly add to the unique décor in your home.


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